Monday, 11 June 2012

Where have I been ??

Hey sweeties

So I haven't been on blogger for a while and that is because I been decorating my room and its finally finshed :)

I have never been so happy in my life because it took soooo long and I couldn't do post :( because by the time we got everything back in the room it would be like 12pm and I been up since 9am doing my room anyways it's finshed. I learnt a few lessons along the way such as stir the paint before you start painting the walls. I blame that one on the boyfriend he read the can to see how long it takes to dry but not the directions.

I just wanted to tell you all what I been up to and show ya all my room.

(I don't think i'll ever decorate a room again)

This was just a quick post to update you on were I been and what I been up to. Hope you enjoyed looking round my room. More post on the way :)

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