Saturday, 25 February 2012

My Hair Story (part 1)

Hey my lovelies ☺

Back in the days of when I was 17 I didn't really care about my hair I had never had a bad cut. By bad cut I mean getting a completely different style to what I wanted.

That was til my friend found out you can get free hair cuts at a local hair dressers. She reassured me as she had just come out of there herself and she looked amazing she explained that it wasn't a professional it was someone learning but who was going to become a professional soon. At the time it didn't really bother me hair is just hair it will grow back. Boy I wished I told myself no I will just wait til I have the money to get my hair done.

Now I am going to say it wasn't a bad cut it was actually a pretty nice style but it was too short for me and to me it emphaisized how round my face is.

Anyways I arrived to the appointment and you know how the drill goes wash your hair ask you would you like a cuppa ask you what you want that all went fine. I ended up being in there for 4 hours and I was only having my hair wash cut and blow dry. In the end the professional came over and ended up having to take over I ended up looking like this ....


It is not probably the best picture to show you of the hair but it's the only one I have with it that short. They were really nice and asked me if I liked it which I said yes trying to be positive but the moment I got home I ended up bursting into tears. I know that sounds probably stupid and everyone gave me complaints on it but I just didn't like it myself.

This hairstyle had alot of pros it took less time to wash it less time to style it
however you can only wear it one way and I like to wear my hair different ways.

I thought I would give you tips so that this never has to happen to you

❤ Always take a picture this will give the stylist more of a idea of what you want rather then tell them even if you only take a picture on your phone.

❤ This is really important but have a good communication with your hair stylist so they can better understand the look your going for.

Don't just sit there speak up tell them what you think if there doing something wrong especially if your getting your hair coloured. I know plenty off people that have not spoken up because there to shy including myself.

Show how much length you want cut off. People say I want 3inches cut off and it ended up being more like eight.

❤ Be nice just because your telling them what you think be nice about it this I thought is a pretty obvious one but I thought I would still include it.

Listen to your stylist at the end of the day they are trained professionals.

I was going to include how to make your hair grow faster tips but this post is very long as it is so that will be on it's way very soon.

Hope you like the post
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  1. Aww I feel so sorry for you, I absolutely hate when you have a bad hair cut. I have had about 3 and they have been awful and I did the exact same thing as you I was too polite to say I didnt like it and went home and burst into tears, now I am so fussy when I go to the hair dressers and make sure they understand exactly what I want as I never want it happening to me again, its funny how attached we become to our hair being a certain way xxx

    1. Yes it is weird how we get attached at the end of the day it's just hair and it will grow back eventually x

  2. I had all my long hair cut off probably about 2 years ago now, it was the worst decision I ever made. But at the time I loved it and it was so much easier to handle, especially in the summer! But now I keep wearing hair extensions cos my hairs at the half length stage and it looks terrible lol.

    On the plus side I think your new style looks lovely and it's got a nice shape to it. Hope you like it eventually :) But I can see where you're coming from xxx

    1. Aww thank you that picture is an old picture it took me 2-3 years to grow it out and now it's the length I like it but it's peckiing my head. My hair sheds a lot so I'm think of getting it cut but I ain't sure as it has took me so long to grow it out x

  3. Great advice! The worst haircut I ever had was a long time ago and it was probably because i wasn't specific and i didn't speak up when it was too short :( I think i was so traumatized I have not been to a hair salon again. Thank God my sis is a stylist!