Friday, 10 February 2012

My Mac Palette

Hey sweetie pies ☺

I have a haul comming soon my first one of the year☺
I'm so excited... just to warn you though it's winter clothing.
As I do not own a jumper!! Yes I know shocking (͡๏̯͡๏) snow on the ground and i'm crazy enough not to own a jumper anyways moving swiftly on... this post will be about my mac palette I find it super intresting what other people have in there palettes. So I thought I would share mine with you all.

This is my baby if I ever lost her I would be devastated.
As it has took me a very long time to get all these eyeshadows.
Can you believe they put the prices up again ..... naughty mac people.
Okay so it's only 50p (RRP £10) but I remember when they use to be like £9.
Just to let you know that's for the pans. There cheaper because they come without the packaging (incase you didn't know).

Starting from top left on the first row

♥ Shroom   ♥ Brule   ♥ Ricepaper   ♥ Naked Lunch   ♥ All That Glitters

Second row from left side

♥ Kid   ♥ Wedge   ♥ Woodwinked   ♥ Cork    ♥ Swiss Choclate

Bottom row from left side

♥ Sable   ♥ Satin Taupe   ♥ Antiqued    ♥ Twinks    ♥ Espresso

The Finishes

There are many drifferent finishes in mac eyeshadows and I will explain what they are and what's the drifference between them incase you don't know or you want a better understanding.

Matte - matte eyeshadows are what they say matte which means
           no shimmer , no glitter there just the colour. These are perfect for the
           crease. Most people say you should use matte colour in the crease as 
           it does not reflect.

Matte2 - These eyeshadow are described as being more intense and smoother
             then there matte eyeshadows.

Satin - Satin eyeshadows have a shine to them. They generally give off more
          of a sheen rather then a glitter. I have used these in the crease
          before now.

Veluxe pearl - These shadows almost are metalic looking. They are very
                    shimmery. These shadows are one of my favorites they just
                    seem to catch your eye in the palette.

Veluxe - Veluxe shadow are very simular to the veluxe pearl except they don't
             look as metalic looking. They seem to have minimal shimmer in

Velvet - These shadow are soft and when you apply them the colour is alot
            more softer then what shows in the pan.

Lustre - Lustre shadows have superfine shimmer in them which gives them
            a glittery appearence. The glitter is not chunky so its not
            overwhelming. So if you don't like glitter but you like the apperance
            I would try these one's.

Frost - Frost shadows have small individual glitter pieces through it. This
          gives off a shimmery/shiny effect.

These eyeshadow are described on mac ....

❤ Shroom - satin 
Soft beige with shimmer

❤ Brule - satin
Soft creamy beige

❤ Ricepaper - frost
Peachy gold with shimmer

❤ Naked Lunch - frost 
Minimal pink with shimmer

❤ All That Glitters - veluxe pearl
Beige with gold shimmer

❤ Kid - matte
Beige cashmere

❤ Wedge - matte
Soft muted beige taupe

❤ Woodwinked - veluxe pearl
Warm antique gold

❤ Cork - Satin
Muted golden brown

❤ Swiss Chocolate - matte
Muted reddish brown

❤ Sable - frost
Gold plum with bronze pearl

❤ Satin Taupe - frost
Taupe with sliver shimmer

❤ Antiqued - veluxe pearl
Ash bown with bronze

❤ Twinks - veluxe pearl
Deep plum with pearl

❤ Espresso - matte
Muted golden brown

Hope you like seeing what's inside my mac palette
What's inside your mac palette ?

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  1. You have some very nice MAC eyeshadows, that looks like my dream palette! :)

  2. Thank you and I felt exactly the same
    Thank goodness for birthdays and Christmas that's when I'll buy my eyeshadows

  3. wow such a lovely pallet, love all the shades!

  4. lovely colours.
    I don't own any mac shadows. I am an Urban Decay addict :)

    1. Thanks and I don't own any urban decay shadows
      I use to want the naked palette but I thought I wouldn't use it tht much
      But I'm dying to get my hands on the naked two
      I think I will wait for my birthday yet if I can hang on tht long

  5. Your blog is amazing, I really love it.
    I'm now following it=)

  6. Aww thank you so much that's very kind of you x

  7. I really want a mac palette, but everything at mac is so expensive! You have really lovely colours in yours, nice everyday ones.
    I tagged you to do the 11 Questions tag! See my post about it so you know the questions i gave you :)

  8. I love all these colours, definitely colours I would use on a regular basis! :)

  9. AHH, so envious of this pallette! I've only got five at the mo, i always pick up browns too! Love antiqued xx You should try the colour texture! xx

    1. I will have to add tht to the other 68 shadows I want lol a girl can dream x

  10. Fantastic post! I love my MAC eye shadows and this has given me some ideas for more purchases ;) You have a lovely blog too :)