Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My Hair Story (part 2)

Hey Sweeties

I know I promised this post would be up soon back in february and now its april but if you read my update you will know the four one one.

Moving swiftly on If you haven't already checked out my hair story part one you should go check that out it will give you tips on how not to come out with shorter hair then you expected plus my story on my hair and why it's taken me two years to get to the length it is right now.

Now we have that out of the way let's get on with the post

So as some of you already know my hair was extremely short and I hated my hair being so short I decided to grow my hair out. It took me about two years to grow it out as I said before. So your hair is not going to grow over night like I wanted it to, so you have to be patient with it. I tried pretty much everything to make my hair grow faster. But basically I found out that you can help your hair get to the length you oh so desire by using these tips.

 ❤ Eat a balanced diet

Yeah sounds wierd but true. Protein is pretty much essential for healty hair growth. Healthy hair = stronger hair = less spilt ends = length.

 ❤ Eat adequate amounts of iron and zinc plus dont cut fat out of your diet

Iron and zinc deficiencies can lead to poor hair health or even hair loss. So keep eating bread , pasta , peanut butter, ceral etc. without fat being in your diet your body can't maintain healthy hair.

 ❤ Be sure you have vitamins

Weather you eat oranges or have them out of a bottle for the same reasons as before they help maintain your hair healthy.

 ❤ Maintain good general health

eat well excersise and make sure you get enough sleep.

 ❤ Try to avoid perming, colouring , bleaching or generally using heat on your

❤ Brush or comb your hair twice a day

I do this by flicking my head upside down sounds strange but I read some where that it suppose to help but I don't know if it actually does or doesn't.

 ❤ Avoid pulling at the roots and be gentle with your hair.

 ❤ Try not to use rubber bands for putting your hair up

 ❤ Try not to put your hair up in tight styles

 ❤ Get regular trims

I never really followed this rule I get my hair trimmed if I feel my hair has got to a point were I feel like it stopped growing.

Hope you enjoyed my post
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