Friday, 20 April 2012

Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish review

Hey lovelies

This post is about a new polish I picked up recently. As you can tell from the title it's from rimmel in there 60 seconds line and the colour is called 415 instyle coral.
I just love the colour.

It's a bright coral/peachy colour however it's not in your face bright.
On camera it translate alot lighter and pinker then in person.

But the colour is more like the picture below.

One of my favourite things about rimmel nail polishes are there brushes it makes it so much easier to apply the nail polish. Just one sweep and it's practically done. The brush itself is more squared and flat so it fits the nail bed better hence the easy application.

Another thing I like is how fast it dries although the name would suggest it dries in 60 seconds I wouldn't agree with that statement but still it dried faster than a normal nail polish.

When applying the first coat it was smooth but it did streak a little so I ended up applying two coats. The second coat doesn't dry as fast as the first coat as I found out when I gouged a chucked of it trying to grab a bobby pin.

I also noticed that even without a top coat the nail polish it self had a shiny effect so you could skip top coat if you were in a rush. Even a few days later when it started chipping I still had a shine to my nails.

Overall I think this is a good polish and at £3.69 they are affordable too. I can't wait to get more summery colours.

You can buy Rimmel products from boots, superdrug in the uk
They also have there own site

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leave any recommendations for nail polish colours



  1. such a gorgeous colour, really nice photography btw :) x

  2. gorgeous colour!

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  3. So funny, It's one of my favourite colours, I am wearing it actually right now! Thnx for your comment on my blog! Maybe we can follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC, let me know when you do, I always follow back!


    1. It's one of my fav colours to I just keep reapplying when it's chipped and Im already following you :) x

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  9. this colour is def one of my faves!

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