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Mac Brushes 101

Hiya Guys and Gals!

So I know when I was looking for mac make up brushes I found it overwhelming. As I flicked though online there where so many to choose from and even though they described what they did I was still a little unsure. Back then I didn't know as much as I do now. So I trotted off in search for online help. Now there are so many videos out there that will help you but even watching them that didn't make me stop wanting all those beautiful make up brushes. So I started to buy them bit by bit. Now I have some make up brushes I dont even use. I will show you the basic essentials I think every person needs. Plus I will also show you some I enjoy having that help but I wouldn't class them as essential. I will also show you the one's I never use and the one's I have used once or twice.

                            Mac Brushes (face) Essentials

Mac 138 : I use this brush alot because I use it for blush, contouring (lightly), to powder my face and even sometimes to highlight. I do not own a blush brush or a face powder brush because when I was buying these brushes I wanted to use them for multipurpose uses as these brushes are so expensive.

Mac 187 : I use this brush mostly for buffing in my foundation. But I also use it for powdering the face and sometimes blush if I want the blush to look more sheer.

Mac 190 : I use this brush for mainly spreading foundation round my face. You could also use it for a cream blush or a cream higlight but I dont own any of these in my make up collection (not yet anyways).

                            Mac Brushes (eyes) Essentials

Mac 209 : I use this brush for eyeliner but another great use is concealing acne. Now I know what you are thinking (she's mad) but you will know what i'm talking about if you have seen Lisa Eldridge method. If you don't know who she is (which i'm sure you do) she is an amazing make up artist who does youtube videos and she has a blog.

Mac 217 : This brush I use for blending eyeshadow in the crease. You can also use it for packing colour on the lid if you use the side of it or blend it all over for a softer look. I must admit I own two of these brushes as im quite lazy about cleaning. You could if you wanted use this for concealing under the eyes.

Mac 224 : This was the first brush I ever bought from mac. I use this for blending. You might be wondering why I have two blending brushes well this brush blends alot softer/sheerer. The 217 is alot more dense which means it blends but leaves a stronger crease colour. Where as the 224 blends but doesn't leave as strong a crease colour.(I know what i mean in my head but that was really hard to describe so I inserted a picture below to show the difference) Also I use this brush for concealing under my eyes.

        This picture is not the best but I didn't have natural light like the others as it was taken later
                                                   colour: Espresso by mac

Mac 239 : I use this brush for packing colour on the lid or on my brow bone.

Mac 266 : This brush is like my best friend because I use it to fill my brows. I wasn't blessed with the best brows in the world but with this brush I can achieve the brows I owe so desire for. Many people also use this brush for eyeliner as they find it difficult to use a brush such like the 209.

Mac 204 : I use this brush for brushing my brows though but you could also use it for seperating your lashes.

                           Mac Brushes (eyes)

Now these brushes although I love them and they make it easier. I do not think these are essential

Mac 214 : This brush is great for getting eyeshadow close underneath the eye. Unfortunatly I could not find this brush on the mac website. But keep checking online or in a pro store as you will not find it in a normal mac store.

Mac 222 : I use this brush for again blending eyeshadow in the crease it gives a simular effect as the 217 but if you have smaller eyes you will find this brush alot easier to work with then the 217.

Mac 231 : I use this brush for appling shadow in the tear duck area because it so small and it's easier to use then a 239.

Mac 219 : This brush is great for smudging upper and lower lash line. I also use this if I want a stronger outer v shape.

                            Mac Brushes (face)

Same as I said for the eyes although these make it easier I do not think they are essential.

Mac 227 : This is a eye brush really were you can use it to put colour over the lid in one swipe very quickly. I don't use this brush for that I use it for swiping higlighter on the top of my cheek bones. This is also good for packing powder under neath the eye area.

Mac 109 : I use this brush for blending out my contour if I put it on a little strong. This brush is also good for blush if you like your blush on the stronger side. Although i wouldn't use this brush with a very strong blush colour such as hot pink because you will look clown like unless thats the look you want to acheive. Many people use it for buffing foundation and it does a great job but this brush is known for shedding which is the reason I don't use it for foundation. Even though I orignally bought it for foundation.

Mac 168 : I mainly use this brush for placing contour to my face then I blend out with the 109. You can use it for blush as well.

                            Mac brushes (eyes + face)

Mac 213 : This brush is for packing colour on to the lid or browbone but it's so fluffy it doesn't do the best job for it. Although if you want the softer look it's great. I have used this brush once or twice and that was because I was too lazy to clean my 239.

Mac 275 : This brush is for blending but I have so many blending brushes that do a better job in my eyes. I have use this brush on occasion for the browbone.

Mac 194 : This brush is for concealor and I did use it for placing my benefit earse paste were my dark circles are but I perfer using my fingers.

Mac 242 : This is a shader brush again for packing on the lid or using for placing concealor on your face. I have never used this brush.

Mac 212 : This is for eyeliner. I have use this brushed once recently but before that I had never used it for about 2-3 years. It does a great job I just never really reach for it that oftern.

What are your favorite brushes ?
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  1. Thanks for following me! I'm your first one yay congrats! Starting with a MAC review is very promising!

    I've actually just ordered the 187; finally caved as my friends have been going on about stippling brushes! I decided if I was going to try it, it would have to be the best!

    I'm normally a mineral make-up fan, so love the bareMinerals kabuki and maximum coverage concealer brushes - they're the best you can buy! 

  2. Great post, my fave brush is the 219. cant go wrong with mac brushes. Going to try a sigma f80 soon.