Saturday, 28 January 2012

Review Clarins Skin Illusion spf 10

Hey Guys and Girlies !

A couple of months back (just before christmas) I was running out of my foundation which was the clinique anti-blemish solutions liquid make up. Which I loved but I found it heavy feeling on my face. So I went in search for a new foundation and I found it, my new love.

Clarins Skin Illusion spf 10
First things first this foundation will cost you around about £24, which isn't that pricey compared to other high end foundations (for example chanel foundations can cost anywere from £31 - £44).
Next is what drew me to the foundation which was the packaging. Its a beautiful glass bottle with a gold looking lid. Bonus it comes with a pump so you have control over how much product is dispensed. I must confess I'm a sucka for expensive looking packaging. I think it looks so classy. Having said that the lid gets easy marked with finger prints.
Clarins describe this foundation as a hydrating foundation with a texture that feels as refreshing as a spritz of spring water. A formula that smoothes, evens and enhances the complexion, and delivers a spectacular "barely there" finish.
Would I agree ? I would have to say yes. It gives me a natural dewy complexion. While still covering my redness and it does all this without it feeling heavy on my skin. (I sometimes even forget if im wearing it or not) This foundation I would say has light to medium coverage.

My skin is normal - combination - oily. More normal in the winter and oiler in the summer. If you are on the more oily side I have seen complaints about how long it last on the skin. However I haven't had this problem. But I do use powder to set it.
This foundation also contains SPF 10 which people say when using flash photography can cause the skin to look paler which I haven't expierenced as I haven't tried to take photos with it on my skin. But as I was taking picture in the bottle it does appear to do this.
The colour I have is 104 cream and I am Nc20 in mac oh and I almost forgot to metion the smell (please note im not the best of smells) but I think it has a  floral scent which you can smell while applying it but while wearing it I can't.
Overall I think this is a great foundation for every day use.

Hope you liked my little ramble feel free to comment
what do you think about the foundation?
weather you would give it ago?



  1. I like the packaging too! not seen this foundation before sounds good x

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  3. great hun! can't wait to read more! found you while "blog walking" and thought i would say a hello!

    newest follower ♥ -- would love it if you could visit me and follow back sometime ?

    hugs, xo

  4. I had this foundation in the shade wheat, and i loved it :) great coverage aswell :) xx

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  6. I love clarins. I use their bronzing powder every day and its my favourite.



    1. Me to I'm gonna do a review on there skincare for oily/combination skin x